The worst-made cars on the road tell you how you must not afford following low lower lowest The worst-made cars on the road Only one U.S. company avoids being on Consumer Reports’ lowest-rated vehicle lists. - April 25, 2011 Because those so called made car all lie of made in U ARMANISA. Following low lower lowest, even biggest richest most powerful GM must fall, not if but when.I look back GM time, they were already on the fall when they made any car smaller (Any normal common sense guy who can have any brai 西裝n cell can know not to make any thing less good than already made; you don't on purpose play tennis worse than you really can; unless that sucker is American werewolves slaved trash like Angus Tung Jack X Condi Rice Cleanance Thomas showed; GM fall, is th 室內裝潢e crime American werewolves committed around the world caught on their own lie of made in USA.) than their big Cadillac (US has bigger land less population than China, China Communist poorest "MouthJerDong" has no problem to service entire poor population Chinese absolute fr 土地買賣ee of charge, you sucking richest USA cannot even service your Customer free of charge at the first place, you sucking USA deserve to be killed than any evil Chinese all the time. ) ; a big man made company like GM, cannot feed their own workers with "10.1.Drew.Sin" needs and not to rely on lifeless m 好房網oney to work to sell, so that they can service all car sold by them absolute free of charge, they already more deserve to be forced to starve to die than any less bigWhy Lexus can have right to charge me the least minimum (Like Chinese said "Sun.不.Jeye.Golf. Yo.仙.Jer.0"; "Chain.不.Jeye.多. Go.用.Joe.How"; "過.Yo.不.G 房屋貸款") fees (How to help those too poor or too suck customer to get free reliable tire to replace their worn tire or tires? Tire is public safety issue, therefore, you can call any rich customer like Bill Gates or any sucking big company's CEO big share holders that you know they must have no problem to pay for most updated new tires to sati 太平洋房屋sfy their own most picky taste and openly tell that customer because you need that second handed tires <You cannot find enough reliable second handed tires to satisfy too many sucking customers? Blame your own sucking company too suck to know how to find less sucking customers to service at the first place, therefore, you have to bankrupt your own sucking company 術後面膜first before you can have any shameless to demand any your sucking customer to pay.> to service another way of sucking picky customer's must needed replacement free of charge. ) ? Because Lexus is a complete totally imported car, therefore, they can have right to charge the fees that they have to pay to any foreigner whose integrity and skill and strength that no any American can 景觀設計 do to replace that hired foreigner; had Lexus ever charged me any fee not because they have to pay to that best integrity best skillful best strength foreigner who does not want to have any thing to do with American lies, that entire Lexus American workers must all be killed immediately for they are shameless brainless cold cold hard dare get any path and stick climb into that best well Japanese brand to suck. 關鍵字廣告   .
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