Chris Ayres in Fort Hood, Texas From The Times November 7, 2009 is lie The report made by Chris Ayres in Fort Hood, Texas From The Times November 7, 2009showed in is lie [A police officer and mother of one was hailed a he 酒店工作roine yesterday after it emerged that she almost single handedly ended the massacre at America’s biggest military base. ][Kimberly Munley does not look as if she would be much of a match for a heavily armed US soldier on a 酒店工作murderous rampage. But the slightly built 34-year-old civilian officer was first on the scene after Major Nidal Malik Hasan began firing on comrades at Ford Hood in Texas as they prepared to deploy to Afghanistan and Iraq.][The 39-year-ol 土地買賣d psychologist killed 13 and left 31 others with serious injuries.] [Soldiers who witnessed the rampage described the gunfire as continuous, methodical and well aimed.] That police 裝潢 officer and mother of one Kimberly Munley is CRIMINAL that not only committed the crime violated police officer and mother of one duty to messed military WORKING PLACE but also COMMITTED MURDERED CRIME KILLED 13 and left serious injured 31 others IN ORDER TO COVER UP HER CRIME 代償S OF LIES IN THE MILITARY SITE. What's happening IN THAT SCENE? Kimberly Munley is one of US evilest liars politicians gangsters slaves, they planted phony inside military, and when she showed up inside that military event, her linked phony starting the fighting, then they killed all who knew the p 買屋honies unwilling to side with them, then the rest to lie with her to point finger to one or two military member left the other real military members wondering with he says she says.Those US liars politicians gangs on purposely lie to you to cover her crimes up. Because those liars know that military don't follow the 膠原蛋白ir low lower lowest to fight them back, unless they can do the duty to kill their own liar Presidents first. Like Chinese said "Chin.賊先.Chin.One".That how you must not allow any your Chinese civilians come to USA, because if US military has no way to kill all their existing Presidents (Because they are all the evilest skillful liars, they al 酒店打工l knew US topest secret codes too deep to rooted out, therefore, without kill them all first, kill anyone else first not only against the integrity of righteous but also worthless because those "Loud.賊" at loose at large must have no problem to make more phony to hide inside every where. That how Chinese told you "Chin.賊先.Chin.One" matters.) OPENLY ORDERLY , t 烤肉hey will become like "8.Look.軍" to do the Rebel (Because it is the only way can fair and balance those "Loud.賊" at loose at large phony lies.) Duty sooner or later. You come to USA, you need make sure you have no problem to do the Rebel duty to kill.   .msgcontent .wsharing ul li { text-indent: 0; } 分享 Facebook Plurk YAHOO! 酒店兼職  .
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